Important interfaces of electronic address management

February 26, 2019 – deskOne

A first-rate electronic address management must be easy to integrate in an application and in other systems such as Exchange and ERP systems.

Likewise, an address management needs to meet the different needs, for areas such as CRM, SRM, campaign management, etc.

Address management is a strategic tool for all areas of a business.

For this reason, a 360-degree overview of all customers and suppliers, partners and employees with their respective information is essential.

360° overview
of all customers

Avoid redundant data in your company

There are still a number of companies that “maintain” addresses in several software solutions, if the word “maintain” can be used here at all.

Such a practice must definitely be eliminated. Once redundant data is stored in a company, this practice will lead to unnecessary errors that will not be tolerated by customers and suppliers.

The address sovereignty should be the responsibility of a centralized department with a permanent control to ensure high data quality.

New recognized signatures should automatically suggest address updates. Business cards scanned by a smartphone app should be automatically stored in the system. This not only for elaborate exhibition application, but also in daily business and for everyone.