Functions of the digital workplace

deskOne offers all the basic functions of a digital workplace in a holistic and modularly built system – from address management, document and activity management, incoming mail to legally compliant archiving of data and the processing and structured storage of electronic folders.

Address management

Comprehensive address management is an important element in order to manage all activities around your customers in a structured way. The capital of a company is the knowledge of all individual characteristics of a customer. Only a smooth and personal approach guarantees a high level of customer satisfaction and successful business relationships.

Document management

Keep your documents secure and structured, and decide for yourself who has access to these documents. Manage your templates for all types of working documents centrally in one place. Efficiently create new documents by having existing information filled into documents automatically.


All running processes are managed and controlled in the central process-engine. All descriptive information, such as topic and content, responsibilities, entry and entry date, links to referenced processes as well as deadlines and engagements is available via the search function with detailed view, displayed graphically and as BPMN.

With a clear view, optimization and therefore measurable cost savings are only one step away.

Mailing lists

With the address distributor you can group addresses according to your criteria. You can then use the distributor for bulk mail or for regional evaluations or customer reviews.

PDF conversion (PDF/A)

For searchability, revision security for shipping and for much more, it is important to strive for a consistent format. All formats placed in deskOne are converted to PDF and are available alongside the original.

Inbox and central post office

Inboxes and e-mails today produce most interactions with other people. Everyday many different inquiries, problems, orders and also a lot of unimportant matters land in your inbox. Without a clear structure the resulting tasks are lost quickly. Our central post office helps distribute e-mails directly to the responsible person while tracking the resulting task. 

Customer Service

Categorize your customers and contacts. Add all of your business-relevant information and link customers to each other by showing relationships between different contacts.


Which version is the right one? This is a constant question, especially when several employees, teams and external partners work on the same documents.  Permanent links to the latest version of every document ensures constant version control.


Configure your processes in the workflow engine. Predefined processes can be started with one click or ad-hoc processes can be created according to your needs. The combination of both variants is just as possible as the integration of an actual workflow system for the fully automatic control of individual workflows or a targeted document routing.

Modern UI

User experience based on state-of-the-art technology and ergonomics. No unnecessary buttons and functions. Let yourself be guided and enjoy the flexibility.

API Interfaces

Open interfaces to existing peripheral systems such as ERP, CRM, web services and other solutions are part of an innovative business solution.

Central data storage in Switzerland

For legal and regulatory reasons, data retention is an essential issue that every business needs to address. We offer the best possible solution for our customers.