Inbox and scanning

Digitize documents of any kind simply and quickly.

  1. Document scanning via scanning devices.
  2. Document classification and information extraction.
  3. Adding read metadata to each document.

From inbox to order

Inboxes and e-mails today produce most interactions with other people. Every day many different e-mails, inquiries, problems, orders and also a lot of trivialities land in your inbox. Without structure the resulting tasks are quickly out of sight.

Process inboxes

Receiving e-mails from your mailbox as well as scanned documents and electronic fax directly in deskOne.

Simple and direct storage

Media-break-free and structured storage. Easy forwarding of documents via integrated functions.

Task management

Monitor and manage tasks and trends from inbox to order.

Continue the process

Transfer of information without interruption to your ERP or other peripheral systems.