Document management

The modern deskOne digital workplace, which enables digital work in a paperless office, supports the homogeneous integration of all document-carrying systems, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and imaging solutions.

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Keep your documents safe

Structured storage

All documents are managed centrally and are available to you regardless of place and time. With a clear structure of your data, you are able to find your wanted document quickly and efficiently.


Work together on your documents. Take advantage of the collaboration, the shared workplace and benefit from centrally managed information.

Data security

Secure data management is expensive. Looking into your IT in your free time is not enough. Our qualified employees leave no room for data misuse. We are able to offer you interesting prices for your concepts.

Access protection

Make sure your data is as secure as possible with single or multiple authentication protection. Do not let your data get into the wrong hands.

Save documents in a structured way.

In document management, all documents belonging to a business case or to an address are stored centrally. A fully electronic workplace (paperless workplace) functions through the homogeneous integration of programmes such as Word, Excel, imaging solutions, graphics and voice applications. Physical documents and any other kind of objects can be referenced by business case in deskOne with the corresponding physical location and thus be found and managed easily.

Edit documents

Documents are created in deskOne and opened directly for editing with the known office programmes.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

Once a document is created, it is available to you anytime and from any device.

Smart search

Adapt the search and the hit lists to your needs. Use the intelligent and flexible search and find your documents quickly and easily. With the additional full-text search on file contents, time-consuming or even unsuccessful searches are a thing of the past.

Create documents with templates

Documents can be created fully automatically with a stored template. The document data from the digital workstation can be integrated directly into the document with designated placeholders.

Long-term archiving

Modern digital workspace

If there are documents that need to be stored for a longer period of time, they can be archived using the electronic archiving function. For digital archiving, based on the ISO reference model OAIS Open Archival Information System (ISO 14721: 2012), deskOne has a standardized interface for generating the required SIP objects (Submission Information Package). Our archiving solution meets the requirements of the Swiss Federal Archives (BAR).