The transition to a structured document storage

When looking at file and folder structures in companies, the question is whether we are actually talking about structures or rather fragmented domains.

The finding is that a large number of companies are overwhelmed with the existing domains and do not know how the data can be transferred in an organized manner into a structured storage.

Business leaders do not always see a need for action, as many other problematic situations often overshadow day-to-day operations.

IT strategy is often not a priority, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Data is always business relevant in one way or anotherThis is why centralized data management is essential for each company. 

Avoid media disruptions in your company

Inefficiencies in companies due to media disruptions

Increasingly, data that is not finance relevant but audit applicable is also affected and thus should not be disregarded. Inefficiencies in companies often arise due to media breaks and authorization challenges.

The search of data is also often a problem that nobody wants to address. This issue already starts with corporate design, which, among other things, concerns the specifications for document designations.

How can a document be found if the searchers are not able to comprehend the creative terms of the inventor? Little can be found despite the many network shares and authorization interpretations.

In many companies full-text search is a foreign word that, although desired has not yet been implemented. There are countless other reasons why a professional and structured data management is essential. Take on this issue and solve the challenges of tomorrow today.

Mobility – a matter of course

Have all important information and documents with you at all times. Taking into account today’s mobility, it is expected that...