How important are the right key figures in a company?

Every company produces a variety of diverse data, which in principle should help to better understand the business.

However, what happens with the information if it is not understood what the data means?

Financial indicators include declining sales, declining cash flow, declining profitability, declining operating results, etc.

On the other hand, there are also the strategic and operational indicators such as the following: slump, loss of market share, leaks from suppliers, project delays, higher staff turnover and staff absences, etc.

Identify risks early and define measures

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

What key performance indicators should a company use today?

Probably there is not “the” answer, but different characteristics, which must be taken into account industry-specific and company-specific. When talking about KPIs, it is imperative to not only consider in advance the nature of the desired numbers, but also their use, in order to make business-relevant statements.

The aim of performance indicators is ultimately to use the early identification of company risks to create appropriate counter measures.

Find the right KPIs for your business. Evaluate these in meaningful periodicals. Analyze changes – TARGET / ACTUAL – and take early action from a risk management point of view.