Scanning with added value in the value chain

March 12, 2019 – deskOne

By digitizing physical documents, you can create clear structures and optimized business processes that add value to the process chain for all employees at all times.

At the same time you will gain physical space, which you can put to better use than for stacking of countless piles of paper and folders.

The transformation from paper to digital is the big next step towards the paperless office.

Use the data where it is needed. We will show you how you can build an ECO system and turn it into added value in the value chain.

The digitization process in 3 phases

Our support for your digitization

While many companies are seeking digitization, they are still clashing with mountains of physical paper. We support you in the transformation phase step by step.

  • Scanning of all physical documents, folders and books
  • Indexing of scanned documents with the use of Capture-Software
  • Filing system within the company including PDF/A/OCR
  • Archiving (audit-proof)

Additional Services

In addition we support you in the process optimization to carry out your daily work waste-free and efficiently.

  • Ongoing digitization of incoming documents
  • Inbox and allocation to specific individual groups or employees
  • Comparison and control of incoming invoices against confirmed offers