Is the nature of corporate communication visible through demographic change?

May 13, 2019 – deskOne

Today, in business, all sorts of systems are still in use to forward information, such as information forwarding via internal mail, pneumatic mail, e-mail and messenger; but of course with different characteristics.

How will the future change through the influence of digitization? Can you imagine that in 5 or 10 years, someone is still running through the corridors with a mail cart to distribute mail?

Already today, this picture has become rare. As already seen today in some companies, even e-mail as an exchange of information within companies will be over in the near future.

E-mail prevents a pragmatic and rapid interaction between two or more persons. In contrast, a company messenger promotes a dialog-based exchange that simply, quickly, easily integrates multiple views, ideas and opinions.

Automation through inbox and scanning solution

Positive aspect of a messenger

Another positive aspect of a messenger is the impact on meeting behavior.

Instead of unnecessary meetings that take up a lot of valuable time in each company, several people can deal with one or more topics in an immediate dialogue.

Even task assignments can be distributed, followed up and controlled in this way.

We have known this method of communication for some time, especially Skype & Co. have been showing for a long time, how this can be handled. Now it is about the next step, be part of it.