Process Engine

In order for your company to function efficiently, the business solution used must be coordinated with existing processes.
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Process management

The started process instances are managed in process management. All descriptive information such as topic and content, responsibilities, entry and entry date, links to reference processes as well as deadlines and deadlines are available via search, detail and also graphically and also as BPMN.


Configure your own management workflows. Predefined processes can be defined or even ad-hoc processes can be used. The combination of both variants is just as possible as the integration of an actual workflow system for the fully automatic control of individual workflows or a targeted document routing.


It is important that all employees at all management levels can monitor their numerous activities and appointments. Lack of overview is the cause of ad hoc work, hectic and lack of quality. This can also be a trigger for stress-related illness. With deskOne, you always have an overview of your activities and pendencies.