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Improve the nature of corporate communication

Is the nature of corporate communication visible through demographic change?

May 13, 2019 – deskOne

Today, in business, all sorts of systems are still in use to forward information, such as information forwarding via internal mail, pneumatic mail, e-mail and messenger; but of course with different characteristics.

How will the future change through the influence of digitization? Can you imagine that in 5 or 10 years, someone is still running through the corridors with a mail cart to distribute mail?

Already today, this picture has become rare. As already seen today in some companies, even e-mail as an exchange of information within companies will be over in the near future.

E-mail prevents a pragmatic and rapid interaction between two or more persons. In contrast, a company messenger promotes a dialog-based exchange that simply, quickly, easily integrates multiple views, ideas and opinions.

Automation through inbox and scanning solution

Positive aspect of a messenger

Another positive aspect of a messenger is the impact on meeting behavior.

Instead of unnecessary meetings that take up a lot of valuable time in each company, several people can deal with one or more topics in an immediate dialogue.

Even task assignments can be distributed, followed up and controlled in this way.

We have known this method of communication for some time, especially Skype & Co. have been showing for a long time, how this can be handled. Now it is about the next step, be part of it.

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Digital transformation in the business

Digital transformation in business

April 16, 2019 – deskOne

How can you drive digital transformation in your business?

Make your employees aware of the upcoming changes. Address digitalization actively in your company. Relieve employees of the widespread fear of helplessness and a possible job loss. Let your employees participate when it comes to process adjustments and automation.

Demonstrate the goals of the corporate strategy and how to implement them systematically.

Focus not only on opportunities for the business, but also for the chances open to the employees. Identify stakeholders who have a negative impact on the transformation, but also a positive one. Use this knowledge for a smooth change process and optimize the value chain at the same time.

Coaching and support in the digital transformation
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The right key figures in a company

How important are the right key figures in a company?

March 26, 2019 – deskOne

Every company produces a variety of diverse data, which in principle should help to better understand the business.

However, what happens with the information if it is not understood what the data means?

Financial indicators include declining sales, declining cash flow, declining profitability, declining operating results, etc.

On the other hand, there are also the strategic and operational indicators such as the following: slump, loss of market share, leaks from suppliers, project delays, higher staff turnover and staff absences, etc.

Identify risks early and define measures

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

What key performance indicators should a company use today?

Probably there is not “the” answer, but different characteristics, which must be taken into account industry-specific and company-specific. When talking about KPIs, it is imperative to not only consider in advance the nature of the desired numbers, but also their use, in order to make business-relevant statements.

The aim of performance indicators is ultimately to use the early identification of company risks to create appropriate counter measures.

Find the right KPIs for your business. Evaluate these in meaningful periodicals. Analyze changes – TARGET / ACTUAL – and take early action from a risk management point of view.

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Mobility – a matter of course

Have all important information and documents with you at all times.

March 19, 2019 – deskOne

Taking into account today’s mobility, it is expected that all data will be available live even when you are on the go e.g. to prepare for the next customer appointment or to make good use of your time.

It is only partially effective if data is available offline, since changes to the data by internal and external persons are quite likely. In the age of “almost” universal internet connectivity, offline data storage is more of a hindrance. Live data prevents processing errors and forestalls problematic situations.

What is of greater importance is the fact that all relevant data can be retrieved from any device at any time, up to date and reliable. Digitization accelerates our activities and influences our actions.

For this reason, it is important that IT does not hinder us, but favors our business. The first step is the evaluation of the right IT solutions that should be embedded across the enterprise. Business mobility is the current driver of goal-oriented lean management strategies. Align your mobility needs with current and future challenges.

Access to all relevant data at any time
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What encompasses the logistics in your company

What encompasses the logistics in your company

March 15, 2019 – deskOne

Logistics involves many different tasks in the overall process that should not be underestimated.

Initial logistics include the receipt and labeling of finished articles, warehousing, packaging, preparation for shipping including all required documents such as product documentation, customs clearance, transport documents, permits and certificates, additional parts such as spare parts, or ordered optional products.

Insurance-technical questions that need to be clarified. The organization and the supervision of the transport.

Not to forget complaint management during transport or in case of late arrival or transport damage. With a few exceptions and a few more positions, the inbound logistics are added.

Overview of all topics and documents

Logistics Requirement Catalog

The diversity of logistics encompasses a broad catalog of requirements that employees in logistics must master.

For this reason, it is important to have an excellent overview of all topics and documents in focus, e.g. to provide information very quickly, to have the certainty that all documents were available and forwarded.

The protection against internal as well as external partners and customers.

The cost pressure has been increasing in logistics for years and yet today logistics must be better organized than ever to be able to meet the needs of customers optimally. The interaction of internal and external processes must be optimally coordinated in order to carry out the value added chain effectively and efficiently.

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Scanning with added value in the value chain

Scanning with added value in the value chain

March 12, 2019 – deskOne

By digitizing physical documents, you can create clear structures and optimized business processes that add value to the process chain for all employees at all times.

At the same time you will gain physical space, which you can put to better use than for stacking of countless piles of paper and folders.

The transformation from paper to digital is the big next step towards the paperless office.

Use the data where it is needed. We will show you how you can build an ECO system and turn it into added value in the value chain.

The digitization process in 3 phases

Our support for your digitization

While many companies are seeking digitization, they are still clashing with mountains of physical paper. We support you in the transformation phase step by step.

  • Scanning of all physical documents, folders and books
  • Indexing of scanned documents with the use of Capture-Software
  • Filing system within the company including PDF/A/OCR
  • Archiving (audit-proof)

Additional Services

In addition we support you in the process optimization to carry out your daily work waste-free and efficiently.

  • Ongoing digitization of incoming documents
  • Inbox and allocation to specific individual groups or employees
  • Comparison and control of incoming invoices against confirmed offers
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Clear and simple processes in the supply chain

The importance of clear and simple processes in the supply chain

March 7, 2019 – deskOne

In order to develop procurement in a sustainable and efficient manner, there is a need for clear guidelines and framework conditions for the entire company.

Supplier management and the development of purchasing conditions are among the core competencies of purchasing.

Clear and simple IT tools and structured processes make it possible to save a lot of time and money.

We recommend that process templates be made available to all divisions so that the decentralized collection option is expanded and promoted. And centrally, the desired purchases are procured in the required quality based on agreed supplier framework conditions.

Save a lot of time and money with structured processes

Process templates in the supply chain

Working with process templates simplifies all the handling in a company’s supply chain.

Management is better integrated. Confirmations can be signed electronically.

The monitoring of order processes can be controlled by the applicant to the management and last but not least a timely procurement is ensured.

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The transition to a structured storage

The transition to a structured document storage

February 27, 2019 – deskOne

When looking at file and folder structures in companies, the question is whether we are actually talking about structures or rather fragmented domains.

The finding is that a large number of companies are overwhelmed with the existing domains and do not know how the data can be transferred in an organized manner into a structured storage.

Business leaders do not always see a need for action, as many other problematic situations often overshadow day-to-day operations.

IT strategy is often not a priority, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Data is always business relevant in one way or anotherThis is why centralized data management is essential for each company. 

Avoid media disruptions in your company

Inefficiencies in companies due to media disruptions

Increasingly, data that is not finance relevant but audit applicable is also affected and thus should not be disregarded. Inefficiencies in companies often arise due to media breaks and authorization challenges.

The search of data is also often a problem that nobody wants to address. This issue already starts with corporate design, which, among other things, concerns the specifications for document designations.

How can a document be found if the searchers are not able to comprehend the creative terms of the inventor? Little can be found despite the many network shares and authorization interpretations.

In many companies full-text search is a foreign word that, although desired has not yet been implemented. There are countless other reasons why a professional and structured data management is essential. Take on this issue and solve the challenges of tomorrow today.

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Important interfaces of address management

Important interfaces of electronic address management

February 26, 2019 – deskOne

A first-rate electronic address management must be easy to integrate in an application and in other systems such as Exchange and ERP systems.

Likewise, an address management needs to meet the different needs, for areas such as CRM, SRM, campaign management, etc.

Address management is a strategic tool for all areas of a business.

For this reason, a 360-degree overview of all customers and suppliers, partners and employees with their respective information is essential.

360° overview
of all customers

Avoid redundant data in your company

There are still a number of companies that “maintain” addresses in several software solutions, if the word “maintain” can be used here at all.

Such a practice must definitely be eliminated. Once redundant data is stored in a company, this practice will lead to unnecessary errors that will not be tolerated by customers and suppliers.

The address sovereignty should be the responsibility of a centralized department with a permanent control to ensure high data quality.

New recognized signatures should automatically suggest address updates. Business cards scanned by a smartphone app should be automatically stored in the system. This not only for elaborate exhibition application, but also in daily business and for everyone.